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  • Blind German Shepherd
    @thor_monster ON INSTAGRAM 2K+ FOLLOWERS
    Snout Butter Helped My Dog's Nose Heal
    My German Shepherd is blind and ran into a tree. He cut the side of his nose a really tough place to heal, it was chapped and kept cracking open. I used Vaseline for a month and didn't see any positive results, so decided to try something different. After using Legendary Canine's Snout Butter there was amazing results!!! Just after applying the Snout Butter for two days I saw the wound start to actually heal! This stuff is awesome! Super simple to apply. It works fast. I was so impressed with this product. The company is amazing,caring, Awesome people to deal with!
  • Dog with nose sore
    Kelli from London, ON
    The Snout Butter is Wonderful
    I purchased some Legendary Canine items and one item was the Snout Butter. It was for my daughters lab "Hurley" he had gotten either bitten by an insect, stung by a bee, or into a poisonous plant while on a Sunday after noon walk. After a vet visit they couldn't determine what did the damage, he had to wear a cone for 2 weeks and take both pain and antibiotics. I then ordered the Snout Butter and it was wonderful she applied 2-4 times a day for 4 weeks and his snout is as beautiful as it was before the incident and all his fur has grown back soft like puppy fur!! Thanks 🐶 from Hurley's family
  • @farley_the_labrador ON INSTAGRAM 11.5K+ FOLLOWERS
    This Paw Balm is Great!
    We’ve only been using the paw balm for two days now and already can’t say enough good things about it. We have used other paw balms, but this one softens the pads of Farley’s feet within one use. Other paw balms have taken a couple of days before her pads start to heal. This is now a necessity for us to have with the snow, frigid weather, and salt on the ground. Will definitely be restocking this once ours runs out.
  • @thelickinglabrador ON INSTAGRAM 10K+ FOLLOWERS
    This Dry Shampoo is Amazing
    Never in a million years did I think I’d need dry shampoo for my dog, but sure enough Knox loves to get dirty faster than I can give him a bath. This dry shampoo is AMAZING. It shines his coat, removes any odors, and leaves him super soft! A little goes a long way! We love it!
  • @troyandjethro on Instagram 26K+ Followers
    A Little Bit Goes a Long Way
    When I first received Legendary Canine's healer shampoo bar, I was a little skeptical about it. I wasn't sure if it would have a strong smell, or if it would be enough to wash my two 80 pound German Shepherds. Well, I must say that I was completely wrong! The shampoo healer bar has an AMAZING lavender scent that I love, it suds up very quickly (a little bit goes a long way!), and there is so much of the bar left I still have at least 3 more uses with it! Not to mention that the dog's coat were very soft and silky afterwards with the amazing smell of the lavender. Highly recommend!
  • @apollospack on Instagram 2K+ Followers
    This stuff is so AWESOME! Please, if your pups have hot spots get this! It has been a lifesaver for Apollo!
  • @leoandmaddie on Instagram 6K+ Followers
    Makes Bath Time Easy
    Bath time was seriously so much easier because of Legendary Canine's bar shampoo for dogs (Regular). Leo was such a good boy this time around!
  • @normthegsd on Instagram 57K+ followers
    Great for Sensitive Dogs
    Legendary Canine shampoo came in HUGE over vacation. Plus every family member with a dog wants some after seeing how quick I could give him a bath with it! Norm swam so much and was outside running the island and playing with other dogs he was gross, pretty much daily. So he would need a bath in the lake with the bar soap before we'd head home at the end of the day. And he needed this multiple times that week! The best part, he was not all dried out and itchy! I typically avoid giving him a bath too soon for this reason. And when he did get a little itchy I actually tried it their hot spot spray even though it was just dry skin, worked like a charm! Norm uses the Healer bar. Other sensitive skin pups need to check it out. Or the hard to give a bath to guys. Cuts the time down like crazy.
  • @nella.the.gsd on Instagram 46K+ followers
    Better Than Liquid Shampoo
    I gave my dog a bath yesterday and fell in love with this bar shampoo. It is so easy to use (took a lot less time compared to liquid shampoo) and rinse out completely with eases. This bar will last a long time and doesn't "melt away" . It has a nice subtle lavender scent and best of all, no itching afterwards and the coat is so shiny! Definitely recommended,
  • Daikon (Westie) & Nancy Chung
    Great for Sensitive Skin
    I received this bar as a gift from a good friend of mine who knows I love my Westie named Daikon. The breed is prone to many skin-related ailments such as dermatitis. Daikon is almost 3 years old and is overall healthy. I use the bar mainly to clean his paws every night after our daily walking/running in our neighbourhood. It smells nice and the charcoal is great for a white dog. I'm glad to know that all ingredients are organic and he won't become allergic to it in the long-term. Great product!
  • Ginger (Golden Doodle) & Jenn Tunnicliffe
    I Love the Peppermint Smell
    My golden-doodle loves the mud, and sometimes after a good walk she is covered! Not only does Legendary Canine soap get her clean again, but I love the peppermint smell. And no matter how often I have to bath her, I don’t worry her skin will get irritated!
  • Wednesday (Lab Mix) & Candace Repka
    Quick and Easy
    I received Legendary Canine's Regular Shampoo Bar in June's Bowzer Box and we love it! After we bathed our Wednesday there was no scratching unlike when we've used other supposed "sensitive" shampoos. The thing I like best about Regular is how quick and easy it was. Wednesday is a lab mix (not sure what with 🙂 so she loves getting wet, but gets inpatient with the rubbing and rinsing needed with other shampoos. Regular lathered nicely just rubbing it over her fur and rinsed so nicely compared to the three other more traditional shampoos we've used. I would recommend Regular to people who need a great shampoo that minimizes time in the tub or under the hose. Wednesday loved her bath yesterday and is still smelling great!
  • @bouncer_gsd on Instagram 30K+ Followers
    Smells Great & Leaves Coat Soft
    I love Legendary Canine's Regular Shampoo Bar for Dogs! I smell soooo good and my fur feels so soft!